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Dependency and build state is kept inside .redo subdirectory in each directory related the build. Each corresponding target has its own, recreated with every rebuild, .rec file. It is recfile, that could have various dependency information. For example:

Build: 80143f04-bfff-4673-950c-081d712f573d

Type: ifcreate

Type: ifchange
Size: 123
CtimeSec: 1605721341
CtimeNsec: 253305000
Hash: f4929732f96f11e6d4ebe94536b5edef426d00ed0146853e37a87f4295e18eda

Type: always

Type: stamp
Hash: 5bbdf635932cb16b9127e69b6f3872577efed338f0a4ab6f2c7ca3df6ce50cc9

And the schema definition:

%rec: Build
%doc: Build session
%key: Build
%type: Build uuid

%rec: Dependency
%doc: Dependency information
%mandatory: Type
%allowed: Target Size CtimeSec CtimeNsec Hash
%unique: Type Target Size CtimeSec CtimeNsec Hash
%type: Type enum ifcreate ifchange always stamp
%type: Size int
%type: CtimeSec int
%type: CtimeNsec int
%type: Hash regexp /[0-9a-f]{64}/