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Possibly goredo package already exists for your distribution:

Preferable way is to download tarball with the signature from website:

$ [fetch|wget]
$ [fetch|wget]
$ gpg --verify goredo-1.4.1.tar.zst.sig goredo-1.4.1.tar.zst
$ zstd -d < goredo-1.4.1.tar.zst | tar xf -
$ cd goredo-1.4.1/src
$ go build -mod=vendor
$ ./goredo -symlinks        # create redo-* commands symlinks
$ export PATH=`pwd`:$PATH   # let your system know about goredo
VersionDateSizeTarballSHA256 checksum
1.4.12021-04-29383 KiBlink sign59CF9022 B92BB060 37E4A788 D9499839 48B253BF 08B4F406 08AA593B FBE77713
1.4.02021-04-29383 KiBlink signADD57921 085174F9 129C4CC3 97F508A3 CB7A2D2A F0A95F7B 5DABDB48 12408648
1.3.02021-02-15339 KiBlink signE9D05149 779F29C8 25D4CF3C 9CF2B0C5 1EEDBD62 6F57388B D7095D0B 6C7956B1
1.2.02021-01-29338 KiBlink signD0045DBA F60FB731 B3DB64AB 262E600A 3D68E487 D167A0F1 9DD614DA C6E57CD5
1.1.02021-01-24338 KiBlink sign63A9FEA6 66665D16 626171C8 65C11C48 C258EB7F A9112982 755E62B9 B5100570
1.0.02021-01-16338 KiBlink sign8D99B8FC 1057AEF6 437BE131 2112781E 00030AFD D01DA2F0 E233B042 187A2F01
0.12.32021-01-13336 KiBlink signD735A273 12504914 EC4413AB C6719C52 800D5AA5 DEFB135E 87139629 9B2C720F
0.12.22021-01-13336 KiBlink signC1E8C36C 6C937B30 DCF15316 0BFB8E85 03A50FBC 16EED174 61B29153 C3C84041
0.12.12021-01-13336 KiBlink signE0DD233F 5B4C73D5 242AB05F 36B87CC4 4583A126 90465D57 51339D59 60AF2558
0.12.02021-01-12379 KiBlink sign967787D9 DBC72D74 7D17748D B458B6D9 8FC75C37 AFAF3579 FFD52B91 7BCCE59F
0.11.02021-01-10379 KiBlink sign4608B75B C8A3DFB6 2EF305B5 EED0F4B2 8AD39F64 AE46BACE EA8100D9 0A8666F9
0.10.02021-01-09436 KiBlink sign4B600D99 48D71B02 9E582FCB 452A7AC6 DF22F538 67FC3C4A 40409112 2C1C9D08

You have to verify downloaded tarballs integrity and authenticity to be sure that you retrieved trusted and untampered software. GNU Privacy Guard is used for that purpose.

For the very first time it is necessary to get signing public key and import it. It is provided below, but you should check alternative resources.

pub   ed25519/0x3A528DDE952C7E93 2021-01-09 [SC]
uid   goredo releases <>

It is also go get-able:

$ go get
$ goredo -symlinks

If you have problems with *’s inability to verify authenticity of TLS connection, then you can disable their usage by setting You can override CA certificate file path with SSL_CERT_FILE and GIT_SSL_CAINFO environment variables.

You can obtain development source code with git clone git:// (also you can use

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